Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 13, 2009

When we have lived for a long time by the "don't talk" rule, learning to talk honestly and personally can be a real challenge.
Our attempts to move away from self-deceit toward honest self-disclosure may be quite awkward. It's not reasonable to expect ourselves to be gifted at telling the truth when we have practiced deceit for so long.

Sometimes our words will seem startling. We will feel our pain, find our voice, and the words and emotions will tumble out raw and uncensored.
It is not easy to break the silence, to talk about what is real, to tell the truth about what we see and hear, to share what we think and feel.
Breaking the silence is like breaking the sound barrier sometimes it can be very loud. Our words may rattle the walls. When our misery feels as if it outweighs the sand of the seas, our emotions are going to be intense and our words will sometimes be wild.
Wild words are part of the journey and should not surprise us. Intense feelings sometimes need strong language in order to find true expression. And honest expression is a step toward healing
- Dale and Juanita Ryan

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