Monday, August 31, 2009

Valuing This Moment - August 30, 2009

How often we waste our time and energy wishing we were someone else, were doing something else, or circumstances were different.
We needlessly confuse ourselves and divert our enemy by thinking that our present moment is a mistake. But we are right where we need to be for now. Our feelings, thoughts, circumstances, challenges, tasks-all of it are on schedule.
We spoil the beauty of the present moment by wishing for something else.

Come back home to yourself. Come back home to the present moment. We will not change things by escaping or leaving the moment. We will change things by surrendering to and accepting the moment.
To trust the process, to trust all of it, without hanging on to the past or peering too far into the future, requires a great deal of faith. Surrender to the moment. If you are feeling angry, get mad. If you are setting a boundary, dive into that. If you are grieving, grieve. Get into it. Step where instinct leads. If you are waiting, wait. If you have a task, throw yourself into the work. Get into the moment; the moment is right.
We are where we are, and it is okay. It is right where we are meant to be to get where we are going tomorrow. And that place will be good.
It has been planned in love for us.



  1. Such a beautiful picture of the snake river. Wonderful words.

  2. Thank you Neva!!!!!!
    Good to read your blog tonight